19 June 2010

On this day (June 19th)....................

June 19th 2009.

A Bullheaded Shrike doing in a Tree Sparrow on the river near my apartment last year.

It was nice to capture such a dramatic moment, I managed to fire off half a dozen shots. A few minutes later I saw the Shrike with a the bloodied head of the Sparrow in its beak, weird to think how such a small bird can be such a killer. There are always 2 or 3 pairs of Shrike nesting in town alongside the local river, I guess they have mouths to feed and Tree Sparrow is on the menu.



  1. Seeing its beak, I'm not surprised but still as you said, strange to think that they can be such a killer...
    Sorry mate for the game of England, now you have to cross fingers for the last game.. At least you still have a chance to be qualified, not like France ;-)

  2. Hi Chris, you have good players and a terrible coach, we seem to be the opposite.................

    Yes, the torture will continue next week.

    Shrikes are tough little ba***rds, england could do with a Shrike type player in the midfield.

  3. You were quck off the mark to get that picture of the shrike just at the kill Stu. A bit quicker than Rooney at the mo.

  4. Hi Phil, if I were Rob Green I would have dropped the camera, if I were Emile Heskey I would have focused on the background thus missing the shot and if I were Rooney I would have verbally abused the sparrow/shrike for messing up the photo.........


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