11 June 2010

And so it begins........

A male Red Cheeked Starling near my apartment this afternoon........

It was busily grabbing all the food it could, presumably to feed its nestlings.

I spent a whole afternoon watching them (the construction noise was unbearable so I had to leave the flat). I've also changed the design of this blog as you can see........

It was tricky to get the exposure right as they kept dashing in and out of the shadows.

A Night Heron flew over but by the time I noticed it the opportunity for a photo had passed. Bird of the day was another Wryneck, a very difficult bird to get a decent shot of, here's a crappy record shot.

The Oriental Reed Warblers allowed me to capture them in some slightly new poses.

So the World Cup begins very soon, just time for a bite to eat and a bath before I settle down to watch the first game. I'm not going to make any predictions about England (don't want to jinx them) but I bet you neither Spain or Brazil will win it.............



  1. I just love those starlings Stu. A bit unkind to common starlings I know but those beauties should be named something other than starling. That last picture of the ORW is just so good against the leaf colours. Like the 3 columns.

  2. Wow Great shots once again both the starling and reed warbler.
    Blogger's new template designer seems interesting! I haven't tried it yet.

  3. Got my money on ??? let you know if they reach the final.
    Nice those snazzy starlings

    ??? isn't Nigeria despite them fielding two Everton players!

  4. These birds are quite beautiful. Your photography helps bring that all out.


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