26 January 2010

Well no Waxwings yet...............

I caught a cold at the end of last week so today was my first venture outside the apartment for over 3 whole days.................I was hoping for a nice flock of Waxwings but there weren't any to be seen. A blizzard hit around lunchtime and this Great Egret was difficult to see in it, the camera did a better job than I did.......

It was a complete whiteout, not the best conditions to shoot a white bird with........

Not much else around, just this Grey Heron and Daurian Redstart..................

A word of advice to those who feel like they're just starting a cold: don't dismiss the warning signs in your nose/throat and go on to drink the equivalent of 6 or 7 pints of strong lager and expect to feel like you want to live the next morning.



  1. Hi,
    On the contrary I think that it is really nice to get shots of the egret like this! It is a beautiful snowy atmosphere and the bird seems to come from nowhere... I love when you dai just a grey heron and a daurian redstart, i'd like to see the second one in my area cause we do not have it ;-) Guess we have to be patient for the waxings!

  2. Love the egret photos. Nice to see the redstart too. He certainly adds a bit of colour.

  3. The Egret in the snowstorm - very atmospheric. Cheers, keep taking the medicine.

  4. Aww the weather looks awful...
    Wish you a Kyushu-like sunny day there!

  5. Hi Stuart, your blog is no longer blocked at my work so I can access it now.. I was going to make a pun about having no egrets.. but it didn't quite work.., hope you're both well. Keith and family


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