13 January 2010

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January 13th 2008.

 Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker at Onuma. This is the race found in Hokkaido (ijimae) which is paler than birds further south and west. The male has a red spot on its hindcrown which this female bird lacks.

This is the joint commonest of the 5 local Woodpecker species, the Great Spotted is also very common and widespread. They aren't shy and allow a close approach but seem to spend most of the time higher up in the trees meaning somewhat limited photo opps.



  1. This little woodie is one of my favourite birds of the parks.
    Great shot as usual!
    It's heavily snowing here in Beppu like I've never seen before and the beach has gone white.
    Guess there must be a non-stop blizzard in Hokkaido.

  2. Hi,
    It looks very funny, like a miniature woodpecker! I love it! Maybe you should try to climb trees with some equipment just to be at eye level if they are high up there ;-) I'm just teasing you! It is a very beautiful picture!

  3. Wow! It looks so beautiful!
    How big are they?

  4. Hi Mel, it's about the size of a Sparrow.........perhaps slightly bigger but not much.


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