16 January 2010

On this day (January 16th)....................

Almost my best ever shot

January 16th 2008.

Stellers Sea Eagle at Yakumo. An uncropped photo, this was as close as I'd ever been to a wild eagle before. Shame about the branches obscuring parts of the bird. It actually stayed obligingly still in the tree for a while whilst I tried to get a clear shot and then flew off looking bored and haughty.

There is often an eagle in this tree (it's right next to the road) but I'm sure they know they can perch on any branch and I won't be able to get an unobstructed view. They're smart birds..........or they have a slightly mean streak, dunno which one............



  1. A wonderful sight and great natural photograph. Two years since I saw one. Went looking for them in Niigata today but found nothing. Not even a White-tail. Very quiet winter here. You have some great sights where you are. The 7D is doing very good work too.

  2. It's a fantastic eagle. Looks cold over there from all your pics. It got up to 48c here in Perth the other day, damn that's hot!


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