8 January 2010

A quiet old week

A quiet week in snowy Hakodate, here are a few of the common species around. A Black Kite carrying some spinal column type carrion thingy, a heavily cropped male Daurian Redstart and a Dusky Thrush playing in the snow.....


Rustic Bunting, Yellow Throated Bunting, lots of Hawfinch and that's about it. The heavy snow doesn't appear to have brought any wanderers to Hakodate, at least not to my neighbourhood. Hopefully underfoot conditions will improve next week so I can go out and find something interesting.

Graham Onions: what a star.


  1. Hi,
    Beautiful pictures again. I love the daurian redstart a lot, even if it is a heavily cropped pictures, it is beautiful.... The rain ahs reached us now and the snow is going away, but I clearly would like to see nice days coming up too! Hope you will get them too.

  2. That thing in the Black Kite's feet looks very strange.
    Wish there were more Rustic and Yellow-throated down here. I only saw once or twice...


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