5 January 2010

Weather keeping me indoors and grumpy..........

5 days into 2010 and I've barely been outside, heavy snow, grey grey skies, slushy/icy/snowbound roads and sidewalks...............so I'm stuck at home getting grumpier by the day. The above Jay was at Onuma a coupe of days ago when the snow relented for a few hours. This one below was taken with a flash, something I almost never have to do for bird pics.

Not much else at Onuma except the common residents.

Lots of Glaucous Gull at Kamiso, a White Tailed Eagle in Ono and a minor invasion of Hawfinch into Hakodate provided some points of  interest in the gloom.

Lots of red berries everywhere, hopefully the Waxwings will be here in a couple of weeks.


The snow scuppered my annual first week of January trip up to Yakumo which always seems to produce
nice photo opps for the eagles. They'll be around for another 7 or 8 weeks of course, fingers crossed the weekend will see an improvement in the weather.


  1. Superb photos as usual. A nice little variety of birds. More exciting than the sparrows and swans of Niigata. The weather here is also terrible with a mix of rain, snow and gusty wind. "Niigata is famous for its abundant water" -quote: Niigata tourist information pack. We had a sunny day on October 25.

  2. Well even if you barely went out, you managed to get nice sharp and good pictures!! So well done, you did a great job even if you did not have too much time to do pictures!


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