20 January 2010

A lifer

OK it's a totally crap photo but it does show a Pallas Rosefinch, a new bird for me. It was flapping around in the snow and slush in Goryokaku Park this afternoon.

Not much else around this week, mild weather today temporarily turned the snow and ice into slush. Long Tailed Rosefinch, Sparrowhawk plus lots of Dusky Thrush and Hawfinch were the other noteworthy species. I've spent the last 3 days trudging around town in a vain search for Waxwings, all to no avail.

Dark gloomy weather meant poor photos so not much to post today.

I heard some scumbag mugged my gran in Blackpool yesterday. Well, Mr Mugger-Junkie,  I hoped my poor 85 year old gran's pension got you enough smack to get high so you can forget your miserable worthless pointless empty life for a few hours, you pathetic piece of s**t.  My gran only got bruised thank god, hope karma bites the mugger on the ass with something a lot more severe than that.



  1. Hi Keith,
    Well done on the lifer and it is a cool species really!!! I hope for you that the weather will improve in your area! It has been pretty bad here too!

  2. I wouldn't say "totally crap photo". Its a stunning bird for a lifer and I bet you get some more pictures. Nice one!


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