6 January 2010

On this day (January 6th)....................

January 6th 2008.

 A female Yellow Throated Bunting on the outskirts of Hakodate. In Mark Brazil's latest book this species appears to have a new name: 'Elegant Bunting'. That sounds a bit better but for now I'll use the old name.........

These are winter visitors, usually in small groups. They like poking around under bushes on the edge of ricefields or parks. The males are much brighter but never come close enough to my camera.

This photo was taken down a dirt track in Kamiso, I had to flounder through heavy snow to get there. 2 years ago this spot was great for birds but despite going back there the last 2 winters I haven't seen much at all. The dirt track in question seems to be a favourite spot for locals to dump consumer durables and old tyres.



  1. Lovely little bird in as very peaceful setting.

  2. Beautiful picture! A pity that people tend ot take nature as a big garbage! Hope this is not gonna affect too much the birds, but it seems it has already!


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