9 January 2010

On this day (January 9th)....................

January 9th 2008.

A Long Tailed Tit on the outskirts of Hakodate. This is the ultra cute white headed race (japonicus)  found in Hokkaido. Other races, presumably from continental Asia, occur occasionally in Hakodate but lack the pure white head.

This is a difficult species to photograph. They simply refuse to stay still and even if you manage to get one in focus it is usually obscured by a branch. Not this time however, I got lucky at last.

I even entered this one in a photo contest in a local camera store (the theme was 'winter'). I got one of the consolation runner up prizes, a piece of electronic tat which I have forgotten about completely now it's somewhere in the house, some kind of scrubbing device I think.



  1. It's a beautiful little bird and a wonderful photograph. Congratulations on the photo contest. It doesn't matter what the prize was as long as people saw your entry. Enter more.


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