18 December 2009

Winter arrives finally

Well winter finally hit and outside it's f****** freezing and there's loads of snow and ice. The Brambling was a new arrival as was the Glaucous Winged Gull but otherwise it's been a pretty low key week. A Coot, 5 Brent Geese, some Wigeon and Scaup were in the harbour with the Gull. Not much showing so here's some of the common stuff.

Like Tree Sparrows. These are pretty scarce in the UK these days (I can't even remember the last one I saw there) but they are the common urban sparrow of east Asia. I tend to ignore them but there really wasn't much to photograph this week...........

Birds and snow also go well together...........

Plumbing the depths a bit here, here's a Common Teal on the local river.

The Glaucous Winged Gull at least did something entertaining.

This sign states the obvious somewhat.

I'm watching the 1st Test in South Africa on and off, England are struggling a bit. Liverpool's 2nd half showing against Arsenal was as bad as I can remember them playing for a while. Gerard has turned into a petulant brat, Torres doesn't look fit and let's face it half the team aren't actually that good. Still they managed to hang on for a victory against Wigan the other night (can't believe I just typed that!).



  1. I like that first shot of the Glaucous-winged Gull. It's only December and I've been dreaming about Hokkaido for several times hahaha. I know these gulls are common there but I'll definitely love to take photos of them both the Glaucous-winged & Glaucous Gull...so I decided to spend a week there because I'm sure my birding will progress very very slow with that many lifers ahead. I have this impression that the tree sparrow looks prettier in winter, especially when they're in large flocks. It's a cute bird, in the right condition.

  2. HI,
    Well, winter is starting again over here too! we have negative temperatures today -4°c and quite freezing all day but the snow has not arrived in the city again! Well you managed to do some nice shots even with the snow and yes, as long as you have light, then you can get nice shots with the snow.... I love the sequence of the gull and I've seen some doing that over here too! Have a nice week end!

  3. O.o nice and clean shot of the Tree Sparrow SCE ! I haven't got shot like that though :p

  4. Nice Tree Sparrow shots, very smooth. Was this with the 100-400 lens?

  5. Hi Mike, yes it was with the 100-400........


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