12 December 2009

Yellow Throated Bunting

One of a group of several Yellow Throated Bunting in the local park yesterday. This is a female, indeed all these photos are, the brightly coloured males were much shyer........

Not much else around, the moat had frozen so no waterfowl. There were a few Hawfinch but not much else...........

I got approached by someone asking to use my photos on wikipedia, you can see them on this page, Asian House Martin.

Nothing else of much interest, here's another Brent Goose video from the other day.



  1. Nice Bunting shots and congrats on the Wiki entry.

  2. Excellent. I love the video and the two last shots before! I've never seen this birds and you captured it well... Here same thing again, dark and rain, so no new pictures!

  3. Really nice bunting. The first one, where he is face to us is very interesting


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