25 December 2009

A White Christmas

A quick trip up to Yakumo this morning. Beautiful blue skies and deep snow fields were a stark contrast to 2 weeks ago.

Not a vintage day for eagle pics, this subadult White Tailed Eagle provided the shots of the day.

Past experience has taught me January is the best month for eagle pics.............

The Stellers were all very distant today.

First winter White Taileds appear to be the least shy.........

A lot of floundering around in deep snow ( a hot sweaty business too I might add) caused me to to invest in some cheap plastic snowshoes on the way home. Next time I'll be ready to tackle those snowdrifts........

Not much else around, here's a drake Scaup.

And a wintry view of Mt Komagadake. This location is just north of Yakumo, we were looking for Snow Buntings (there weren't any).

I'm off to central Hokkaido for a few days, I may update from my cellphone whilst I'm away but I won't be able to moderate any comments until at least the 31st.

I'm hoping to see Snow/Lapland Buntings or a Rough Legged Buzzard.............fingers crossed there then.


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