20 December 2009

2009 winding down

Nuthatch and Marsh Tit at Onuma this afternoon. S***loads of snow this last few days and Onuma has transformed into a white winter wonderland (I've been listening to to too many christmas songs obviously). The Whooper Swans were present and joined by a few common duck species.......

5 species of tit, 3 species of Woodpecker, White Tailed Eagle and Yellow Throated Bunting were the main birds of interest at Onuma. Oh and Nuthatches of course.

This was taken with a 100mm macro lens and only slightly cropped. This gives you an idea how tame these are............

Pretty sharp. You can even see my reflection in its eye when zoomed in full size.............

This one is from a 90mm macro lens (we have 2) and is cropped but not heavily.

I couldn't get as close to the Marsh Tits and there were no Varied Tits nearby either...........

Here are a couple of crappy shots to give a wintry atmosphere............

Liverpool go from bad to worse. England look like they're going to get a draw in the 1st Test.........hope I didn't speak too soon there.



  1. Great bird photos, your Marsh Tit looks a lot like our Chickadees.

  2. Great serie of very nice birds. Love those Nuthatches...and knowing they were made witha 100mm...is very amazing ;)

  3. Yeah Stu great going wonderful series great 100mm captures man that was nice and lightweight.

  4. So many great shots of the nuthatch!
    isn't it difficult to photograph birds in 'that' close range...especially for small birds
    they usually moving around very very fast

  5. Actually it's not so hard............they sit still sometimes and wait for you to offer a sunflower seed or two........

  6. Beautiful.... I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year... See you next year!

  7. Ahh...so nice
    I usually fail to capture these little birds like Great or Varied Tit when they come too close.

  8. Great photos - somehow they remind me of my own birding area, if ignore the mountains ;-)

    Best regards, Olli



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