13 December 2009

Gloomy kind of day

An adult White Tailed Eagle at Yakumo this afternoon.

Grey gloomy weather today but still, amazingly, almost no snow on the ground even at Yakumo. There were lots of eagles today, I estimate about 100. Most were in 2 groups and most of each group were very skittish and flighty. It was an impressive sight to see 50 or more individuals take flight, barking like dogs. A shame they didn't fly closer to my camera though...........

Not much else around at Yakumo, a few Great Egrets, the usual Brown Dippers, common wildfowl and gulls. We were able to explore several places that are usually inaccessible at this time of the year due to deep snow. My wife was freaking out, she was worried about bears........

No bears. Only eagles.

We headed back to Onuma and the Ural Owl was in one of its winter holes.

This was a crappy insurance shot, by the time I'd got the tripod set up it had either gone deep inside the tree or flown off.......

The usual stuff was around but it was to dark for decent photos........

We later heard of a suicide that had happened very close to the the place where we take the Nuthatch pictures. The body was found hanging from a tree in the middle of last week and had apparently been there 2 or 3 days. We were there last Sunday, could they have done it then? Did we see him/her? If we had could we have done anything? A gloomy thought to end a rather gloomy Sunday.

I'll stay up to watch the Liverpool v Arsenal game. Last night's results show the season may not quite be as over and done with as I'd thought.........

Hope it starts snowing soon. The lake at Onuma hasn't even frozen yet. Once the snow hits different birds appear plus the whiteness is often good for photography, lots of reflected light.



  1. Gloomy day but beautiful and excellent shots. I love the fox a lot and the two last one... Here my camera is hibernating nowadays... No light at all!

  2. Superb foxy image in particular.

    Really murky here today too. Still the rain will melt some of the snow.

  3. Sad story, had a similar one up in the area I sometimes go mountain-biking in.
    On a happier note, great photos of the owl and fox!

  4. The Ural Owl is super cute as usual. I just found one in the koen nearby several days ago. The first time for me to find an owl here in Japan.


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