15 December 2009

2009 best of #1

Forgive my vanity, here are some of my fave shots from the first part of the year.

All shots taken in southwest Hokkaido with the Canon 400D and 100-400L.

Stellers Sea Eagle at Yakumo in January.

White Tailed Eagle in Yakumo in January.

Long Tailed Duck at Oshamanbe in January.

Spectacled Guilemot in Hakodate in January.

Hawfinch at Onuma in February.

Waxwing in Hakodate in February.

Common Crossbill in Hakodate in February.

Ural Owl in Onuma in February.

Varied Tit at Onuma in February.

Common Crossbill in Hakodate in March.

Brent Geese in Hakodate in March.

Yet more Common Crossbills in Hakodate in March.

Black Necked Grebes at Shikabe in April.

Nuthatch at Onuma in April.

Black Woodpecker at Onuma in April.

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Grey Headed Woodpecker at Onuma in April.

Common Crossbill in Hakodate in April.

Siberian Stonechat in Ono in June.

Red Cheeked Starling in Hakodate in June.

Bullheaded Shrike in Hakodate in June.

Black Browed Reed Warbler in Yakumo in June.



  1. Wowww I love this entry hahaha
    My favourite one is the male Red Crossbill on the ground and the male Chestnut-cheeked Starling. The Crossbill is so red and the starling pic looks so sublime.

  2. This is a great collection of photos!

  3. Wow, I kind of understand why they are your favorite. I'll take them all, they are all superb shots! and what a diversity, it is incredible! Well done, I love this post!

  4. Very, very nice selection. I particularly like the Black Browed Reed Warbler, the Grey-headed Woodpecker, the Hawfinch, the Sibe Stonechat, the Crossbills. Ah crap the're all great shots!

  5. Thank for all your kind comments..........

  6. Awesomshots, they are all wonderful! They would all be new birds for me.


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