16 July 2018

North Hokkaido 2018 #5

The grassland we visit every summer had its Siberian Rubythroats performing nicely.............

As I said before were a touch late this year and there didn't seem to be as many or they weren't as active as usual.

I still got some nice shots of this iconic bird at least.

The red throats really stick out in the greenery............

Another iconic Japanese bird was present at Lake Komuke.

A terrible photo of a Japanese Crane. Far far away in humid air and behind long grass......

Their breeding grounds are further to the east but this lone individual seems to live by the lakeside (I saw it in the same spot last year). It even started displaying but the only birds to notice were the disinterested Grey Herons.. Is this Hokkaido's loneliest Crane?


  1. The red of the throat patch is almost unreal. Like it's painted on with the most viv red the artist could find.

    1. Imagine if you got one in your ringing nets..........


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