14 July 2018

North Hokkaido 2018 #2

We stayed on one of our favourite campsites in north Hokkaido for the 5th year in a row...........

We had planned to stay there for 4 nights but due to England's unexpected World Cup run we had to change our plans a bit and only managed 2 nights there......................previous experience had taught me never to worry about England reaching the business end of tournaments and just plan any holidays accordingly. Shame they couldn't go all the way this time. Will I see them go one round better before I die?

Siberian Rubythroats breed right on the cape where the campsite is located.

This year they seem to have bred earlier than usual as they were far less vocal and far more secretive.................

Other stuff on the cape included Grays Grasshopper Warbler, Japanese Green Pigeon, Rhinoceros Auklet offshore, Peregrine and White-tailed Eagles overhead and lots of the usual common passerines of this part of the world.

The numerous passerines attracted both Common and Oriental Cuckoos. This is the former (I think: it wasn't calling).


  1. I think that Siberian Rubythroat is performing a lot better than the England team. I din't realise you get few terns where you are. It's good to have them back on The Lune and in Preston.

    1. Hi Phil, yes terns are very rare here in Hokkaido and I really enjoyed seeing the colony at Preston Marina last time I went back. Shame England decided to stop performing after the Sweden game.......... but, before it all started, I would have laughed out loud and asked what they had been smoking if anyone had seriously suggested England would reach the semi final.

  2. Oooh Rubythroats.... pity about England's WC exit, but they did pretty well, especially compared to some other England sides over the last two decades.

    And won a game on penalties - an open-top bus tour is deserved for that alone !

    1. Hi John, after the Sweden game I made the fatal mistake of getting my hopes up. Foolish I know............


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