15 July 2018

North Hokkaido 2018 #4

On one grassland we found a family of  the local race (taviana) of Yellow Wagtails................

In Japan this species only breeds in north Hokkaido. I occasionally see them on passage near Hakodate...............

I remember seeing them in Penwortham when I was younger. Sitting on barbed wire fences just like these ones.

These are all males. They are easy to spot in a green field.............

They were hovering in the air hawking for insects. I tried a few BIF shots but the grey overcast skies didn't help much.


  1. Interesting that you've got "taivana" up there as a breeder - I had wrongly assumed they were restricted to Taiwan.

    1. I think they only breed here and maybe in Sakhalin too but winter in Taiwan.

  2. It is a very distinctive race.....and very appealing too.

    1. The Black-headed one of southern Europe is the champion.


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