3 February 2018

The last stragglers

The last group of Waxwings I saw in town were a few days ago...............and now they appear to have all left.

They were around for 3 weeks and I took lots of photos so it was nice compensation for the poor eagle season and generally lousy weather so far in 2018.

These were in a quiet backstreet with nice afternoon light..................

There may be another invasion this winter but maybe not near my apartment: they scoffed all the berries.


  1. Hello Stuart!:) I'm here again to see your beautiful captures of this lovely bird. Spectacular images!:)

  2. I said it on FB, and I'll say it here....."Waaah !"

    1. A great response to anything. In Japan it's more like an 'eeeeeeeeiiiiyyyyyyhhhh'.


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