12 February 2018

A Freezing Monday

Wow, today was cold. In Hakodate it's been snowing heavily all day and there has been a bitterly cold wind blowing in from Siberia.

The roads and weather were too nasty to head up to Onuma so we went east again where the weather always seem to be better. And indeed it was (although it was even colder there on the coast). Even blue skies sometimes.

The local Stellers Sea Eagle flew around a bit and there were a couple of White-tailed Eagles, a Common Buzzard, 2 Peregrine and the usual common ducks and gulls.

Did I say it was cold?


  1. It's a beautiful Steller picture. I'm so tired of the cold. It's too hard to go to work then too hard to go home. I just want to curl up in a cave.

  2. Freezing cold ? Still, Steller's Sea Eagles in a clear blue sky must be some compensation !

    1. Gloves, longjohns and hot soup in the car helped...........


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