10 February 2018

A walk through the snowdrifts..........

I took a walk up the river yesterday...............

The snow is lying very deep in town away from the main paths. It was a bit of a struggle and there weren't many birds around either.

There was 1 male Long-tailed Rosefinch. I couldn't get close so some heavy cropping going on here.

The only other noteworthy species were 1 Brown Dipper and 2 Brambling. It's only been a week since the waxwings left and most of the other species seem to have gone with them. There were 3 or 4 Dusky Thrush still around: this one was looking for any scraps on the floor the waxwings may have dropped............


  1. For me the Brown Dipper would have made the day. There is something uniquely appealing about dippers.

  2. This winter I would have settled for 2 Brambling or half a Dusky Thrush.

  3. Ah, "Heavy cropping" - I think we all do a bit of that online !


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