19 February 2018

Playing the percentages..........

The snow is so deep that we gave up going to Onuma and headed east yet again where we know that a) the weather and roads are mysteriously much better and b) there are a handful eagles more or less guaranteed..........

2 Stellers, 2 or 3 White-tailed and 2 Mountain Hawk Eagles to be exact.

I've been here on my last 4 days off.

The adult Stellers sometimes leaves its perch and flies around for a quick check of the neighbourhood.

A pretty quiet day today. The Mountain Hawk Eagles put in a brief appearance...........

The Harlequin Ducks didn't come close today...........just a few gulls.............

Hakodate City Hall is so debt ridden they can't afford to clear the roads properly, even in a mild winter. This winter has seen the most snow I can recall since I moved here in 1999. It's a chore to drive and although winter is my favourite season for birds I'm sick and tired of it this year. At least we're not spending much on filling the car up.


  1. The quality of some of your flight shots is quite amazing.

  2. Some excellent pics of the Steller's front-on. Beautiful detail. I hope I see a Harlequin Duck when we visit Hokkaido. There's supposed to be some here by the seaside but I haven't managed to look. It's been freezing at night in Niigata but warm by day so the snow melts but turns into black ice which if scary for walking about.

    1. No melting here yet, the frozen slush and black ice will be something to (not)look forward to next month some time.

  3. Great to see the front-on Steller's SE shots, the product of local knowledge !


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