29 December 2011


A Shorelark in Kamiiso today, a lifer and addition to my local/Japanese list. It was rather wary, this heavy crop was the best of a dodgy bunch of photos.

The Black Necked Grebes were still in the harbour as were Goldeneye, Scaup, Red Breasted Merganser and Great Crested Grebe. I didn't stay there too long, I went looking for some Pine Bunting in Menagawa. Unfortunately I couldn't find any. There were a few interesting birds around: Long Billed Plover, Long Tailed Rosefinch, Whooper Swan, Great Egret..............still expecting 2 lifers in a day would have been just plain greedy.

Christ, when will Liverpool stop drawing after dominating games?

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  1. What a nice find, and a cute one too! No chance down here, I guess.
    Those 2 photos of the Pine Bunting in that link are just stunning. Hope you'll find it soon!

  2. Hi Ayuwat, actually the birder who took the Pine Bunting photo also found the Shorelark...........

  3. Nice Christmas present for you there Stu..will you get the Pine Bunting too?



  4. Shorelark on the shoreline... must have been a great sight.

    Mmmmm... L'pool - lacking "killer instinct" ?


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