18 December 2011

Sunday blizzards

An adult Stellers Sea Eagle at Yakumo today. The weather was quite awful, blizzards all day with very poor visibility. This was a big shame as there were lots of eagles...........they were flying low through the gloom or perching next to the road in places where it was impossible (or unsafe) to stop and take a photo.

We saw one car which had come off the road (the driver was unhurt).

As I said the weather was a big pity, I could have got some awesome BIFs if the sky had been blue (or even just cloudy). Only some slight cropping going on here.

There were many individuals standing in the river eating salmon but in inaccessible spots. Even in the trees they were obscured by twigs and branches.............

A frustrating day for eagle photos but it's always nice to see them so close, hopefully next time will be in better weather.........

We got back to Onuma just before sunset. This Ural Owl was in one its winter holes, it was almost dark when I took this, very high ISO and low s/s.........

A feast of football on TV tonight, the beer is in the fridge, the bath is hot and ready..............if only it wasn't a Monday tomorrow.

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  1. Magnificent photos of the eagles. I like the snow. It's them. Maybe it's boring and flat just having blue sky every shot. The snow adds atmosphere. I like the owl too. hard to believe you claim it was almost dark. Such photos would have been impossible in the days of film.

  2. Agree with Russell - very atmospheric and true to the conditions. Looks like the tree has wrapped itself around the Owl (Fukuro in the local tongue?).

  3. The Steller's and especially the Ural Owl look splendidly Christmassy !

  4. Brilliant snow-covered shots. I love the effect of snow on birds in flight.

    0-2! Not bad eh? King Kenny's got us playing now!

  5. Thanks for the comments......

    Russell, yes it was ISO 3200!

    PBW-yes it was a fukuro, which is also the generic word for Owl in Japanese.......

    Christian, well if we hadn't drawn all those home games we'd be title contenders, can't believe how bad Villa were in that game. McLeish will be sacked before the christmas decorations come down I'm sure....


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