30 December 2011

Year end raptors

Another early visit up to Yakumo today. It was very cold and clear, beautiful in fact. Weird ice crystals were shimmering in the air and mist was rising from the mountain river...........here's the best mood shot I could manage with a 100-400L on an APS-C camera.

Of course we were there for the eagles.

I'm still awaiting a decent  eagle feeding in the river shot. Not all today's shots were BIFs however. Notice there are no branches in the way for a nice change..........

This adult White Tailed Eagle flew right over the bridge on the busy road north.......

The Stellers Sea Eagles didn't fly quite as close........

Or if they did fly close it was against the sun.........

This Sparrowhawk was a nice surprise, not a bird I often get to photograph.

We stopped off at Onuma and the Ural Owl was in one of its winter holes.

It even woke up momentarily.

It was at this pont the snow returned and the days photography was curtailed.

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  1. Wow! Great photographs! Eagles with bonus sparrowhawk and owl. Conditions look lovely and clear and what a collection of photographs. Hope the new year is as good!

  2. Thanks Russell. Hey Australia won! The road back to #1 starts here.........

  3. As Russell says Stu, a great collection of photographs. Those Sparrowhawk images are magnificently sharp. Brilliant all round. I love those Ural Owls - so beautifu.

  4. Seriously good shots Stu, and serious snow too. Like the Sparrowhawk especially.

  5. Wow lots of great flight shots here! Like Phil, I also like the sparrowhawk shots, especially the first one. Seems like a difficult shot to get.


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