25 December 2011

Christmas in Onuma

A female Black Woodpecker at Onuma late this afternoon. It was another cold day, lots of snow on Christmas Eve but this afternoon te sun came out.

The Woodpecker was pretty tame and kept on feeding whilst I took lots of photos, most of which looked very similar. It was quite hard, it was usually against the light, at a bad angle and constantly moving. This was the most interesting pose.

But the other shots are very samey. 

Somebody had left out lots of food for the tits and nuthatches so they weren't especially tame and I couldn't get any decent shots of them in the snow.

2 Bean Geese had joined the small flock of Whooper Swans..........

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  1. That looks a lot closer to a bean goose than I'm likely to get tomorrow Stu.

    Great pics of the Black woodie btw - saw one as a brief flyover in Poland a few years ago

    All the best


  2. Black Woodpecker is a GREAT "Christmas Bird" !

  3. Great photos of the black woody. What a cool thing to see. Russell

  4. Thanks for all the comments, the Black Woodpecker is one of my top 3 fave birds in Japan (with Crossbill and Stellers Sea Eagle).

  5. This woodpecker is very cool looking! Great shot's

  6. Great shots of this stunning woodpecker! Interesting to see brownish fringes on its back. Maybe it's a juvenile or first year bird(?)

  7. Hi Ayuwat, the fieldguides I have don't really mention if the brown on the wings mean a juvenile or not.............I've seen them in spring with this feature too. I have no idea.

  8. A bit ramdom but just to let you know, your work is so awesome that i did my artis reserch homework on you!! Hope you won't mind :D
    p.s. birds are so cool.


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