10 December 2011

On this day (December 10th)...........

Winter Wren

December 10th 2008.

A Winter Wren in Goryokaku Park 3 years ago, not a bird I often get to photograph. As you can see it is very different looking subspecies to the one in the UK...........

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  1. Hi Stu
    I was talking to our mutual friend Derek about my nature blog,and he told me about your bird
    blog,so here I am to check it out.

    What a gorgeous little wren,lovely photo.
    Congratulations on a wonderful bird lovers blog.

  2. It still looks like trouble with a capital T.

  3. Great wren and super pic. Never seen one of these before.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Yes Derek was a friend of the family, he used to take me and a mate birding in the early 80's, hope he is well............


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