16 December 2011

Grey week in December

One of many Black Necked Grebes in the harbour at Kamiiso today during a gap in the snow. It's been a cold grey snowy week, not much birding and not many birds.

There were about 50 or so Black Necked Grebes.

Other stuff in around included the common seaducks (including Harlequin), Whooper Swana dn Glaucous Gull. Nearer town I could find only 1 Great Egret.........

The moat has frozen in Goryokaku park and the park itself was birdless. Sparrowhawk, Buzzard, Scaup were around a few days ago but not much else.

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  1. Great pics. Those grebes are stunning with those red eyes.

  2. How I wish there were as many Black-necked Grebes like that in Beppu. Still haven't seen any this season. Hope to see these little red-eyed devil birds soon.

  3. Such an unusual bird, with those red eyes.
    Thanks for following my blog Stu.The Billingtons
    are fine by the way,Derek is into acting now
    just like his son!!!

  4. Black-necked Grebes very rare in winter here in Hong Kong... good to see them in groups !

  5. Thanks for the comments........

    I don't need red eye reduction for these Grebes at least.


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