16 February 2010

Waiting.................for the 17th.

We had a brief visit to see the eagles at Yakumo on Sunday. Still quite a few about but no great photo opps, this flyover immature Stellers was the best of a rather poor bunch.

I first saw the eagles at Yakumo exactly 10 years ago, mid February 2000. The person who showed me parked next to the river and they were feeding very very close in a heavy blizzard. No camera in those days of course. I didn't go back much until we got a car ourselves and I haven't found that place by the river (and trust me I've looked).

A quick look at Onuma provided the usual close ups.

This Gull was at Onuma too. Is it just a Vega Gull? Strange that it was on its own (I almost never see Gulls on the lake).

I had a walk around Hakodate today, here are some shots of the common winter species........

Dusky Thrush, Daurian Redstart and Hawfinch.

The Waxwings haven't shown yet. Actually it's been a pretty poor winter for passerines. The last 2 winters saw influxes of Redpoll, Asian Rosy Finch, Brambling and Siskin as well as the aforementioned Waxwings. This winter I've seen just 1 Brambling in town plus a few Buntings (and a Pallas Rosefinch which was a lifer so I shouldn't gripe too much). Now I'm waiting for the Crossbills to appear. Like Waxwings  they don't come annually but they come most years...........

I just looked back at some old photos and noticed the date Crossbills appeared in the park near my flat in 2008 and 2009. February 17th. Both years. Tomorrow's date is February 17th.

If I was a betting man I probably wouldn't put money on there being any Crossbills there. But I'm going to check..................



  1. Hi,
    I love when you say that your eagle visit did not produce much of a quality... I would be happy with the two shots you got, even more than that ;-)
    Wow the hawfinch man, I've never seen them in so big numbers...actually, I've not seen them at all and would be so crazy to see so many at once..
    Fantastic post once again with superb pictures!

  2. Love the Dusky Thrush but especially like the Daurian Redstart just benteath it. The subtle lighting is superb.

  3. I clicked on the hawfinch and got a great full frame. We only see them (sometimes)at Woodwell, Silverdale now.

  4. Loving the Hawfinch photos and slightly jealous as have still yet to see them, though looking at the previous comment I may take a look next time I head up to Leighton Moss.

  5. Hi Derek, there used to be a pair on Penwortham near St Marys Church but the small patch of woodland mostly disappeared after they built the new bridge............this info is over 25 years old so not much use I know...........but still.


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