3 February 2010

Brent Geese

Yesterday I walked down to the dock area to check out the Brent Geese. It was my first visit to the area for a couple of months and there were a lot more Geese this time, about 20 or so birds in 2 or 3 loose groups.

It was a cold raw day and the paths were very very icy, I even put my spikes on to avoid the inevitable slips. Not much else around, a few Harlequins bobbing around offshore, small groups of Scaup and Goldeneye but that's about it.

Today is really cold, a high of minus 9. Of course to those of you in the interior of North America, the high latitudes of Scandinavia or indeed further north/east in Hokkaido  this might not be so cold to to me it is. At least some fresh snow has fallen atop the ice making walking a little easier........

No birds around town (and still no Waxwings) except for a few Dusky Thrush and Hawfinch. Hopefully this cold snap will lead to an influx of some interesting stuff. Apparently someone reported a Gyrfalcon at Sawara last week so perhaps that's where we'll be heading on Sunday.......



  1. Looks like you can get reasonably close to these subjects. I can't get within 100 metres of the Bean Geese here. Some lovely photographs.

  2. A what, a gyr falcon!!! How come it reaches you ;-) Beautiful post on the brent goose... They will come back soon over here (well let's say we have to wait less than in December ;-) )... you got beautiful pictures of them with a nice light... Funny to see that Hawfinch are not that interesting for you... I've never seen one

  3. Hi Russell, they are quite approachable, you can get within 10 metres or so.

    Hi Chris, Hawfinches are pretty common here. I do like them but they are very very wary.......


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