21 February 2010

Some common winter birds

Another quiet week in Hakodate, where are all the birds this winter? No Crossbills or Waxwings, no winter finches..............luckily I found this very co-operative Daurian Redstart. Several individuals set up winter territories on the river near my flat and this one is on a stretch with a concrete pathway and doesn't seem so bothered by passersby..............

Not much else in town. I went to Yunokawa on Friday, not much there either. A lot of habitat has been destroyed near the river. Some remains however but as seems to be the case with most places in south Hokkaido this winter it was pretty birdless. 3 Long Tailed Rosefinch and a flock of 20 or so Hawfinch and that was about it.

6 species of duck were on the river including Goldeneye.

And this Little Grebe too, not a bird I often get to photograph..........

Crossbills and Waxwings are unreliable, like many things in life. But that might mean they surprise me soon.......

Hope Liverpool can do Man City tomorrow. Just watched Everton beat Man U so you never know....................



  1. I love your common birds a lot, especially the first one that I'll probably never see. These pictures are splendid and I love the one of the common goldeneyes. Well done!

  2. The Little Grebe is very artistic with the background. I can't get close to them for a picture, they always dive and surface many yards away.

  3. Waxwings have been pretty thin in the UK this winter too. D. Redstart is beautiful as are your shots - the quality of light (and photography of course) is stunning.
    Like the casual mention of LT Rosefinch ;)

  4. That last of the Daurian Redstart shots to be is more intriguing. Beautiful captures.

  5. Either these birds are *very* tame, or your skills of approaching them are something else! That's one advantage I reckon a bird watcher-turned-photographer has over someone going the other way - I rarely get images with such luminosity or clarity, because I (still!) can't get close enough. Beautiful anyhow.

    1. Actually the Redstart was unusually tame, this was not an everyday occurrence.............

  6. Ah - the redstart - seeing the pictures only I knew it is a redstart - the black redstart being a frequent visitor around our house - but something was amiss - Ofcourse - is was not Black Redstart - was Daurian... Thanks - a great learning.


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