4 February 2010

On this day (February 4th)....................

February 4th 2009.

The main influx of Waxwings into the local neighbourhood started on the 4th in 2009, slightly later than in most years. They had been around the city for a week or two but only hit the area near my flat on this day.

The flock was on the main high street in Hakodate, feeding on the wizened berries there. They swarm down from the wires and TV antennas en masse. They never do that near me, by the time I get there pedestrians have scared them off. Or they're on the other side of a busy road and by the time the lights change and I can cross they're back up high...............and I can't dash across the road because this is right in front of Hakodate Police HQ.

Despite the frustrations of getting a decent shot this is still one of the birding highlights of the year.........hopefully there will be an influx in 2010. In 2008 they didn't come until March, in 2005 there were several influxes over 10 or so weeks that included both this species pictured above (the Bohemian Waxwing) and Japanese Waxwing.



  1. O.o .... Why cant cross in front of the Polica station ?

  2. Oh photographing these waxwings sounds so difficult! hehehe
    They're one of the birds I want to see most here in Japan, especially the Japanese Waxwing.

  3. Oh now I'm the one jealous... I've not seen them since 2008 and even if a big influx came in November (500 of them on the east coast9, we did not see any around Reykjavik!!! You got a very good picture of it... it is wonderfully sharp and the light is awesome! Now I've to get one ;-)

  4. Hi Jason, jaywalking is illegal in Japan and if I dashed across the road on a red light it wouldn't look so good.......

    Hi Unravel, hope you see some when you come up to Hokkaido......

    Hi Chris, this was last year, I'm still waiting for the 2010 Waxwings.....

  5. Nice portrait from last year. I've just seen one in my life; last March along a busy street. They're spectacular birds. I'm looking out for them this year too.


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