11 February 2010

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Black Throated Diver

February 11th 2009.

Black Throated Diver in the harbour at Oshamanbe. This is one of 4 species of Diver that visit Hokkaido (one is the rare White Billed diver which I've yet to see). Usually they're way offshore and only viewable through a scope but this one was in the confines of the harbour and was possible to photograph from a distance at least.



  1. Good photo.

    I saw White Billed diver twice in Hokkaido. Both of them were on the ship for Teuri Island.

  2. Nice looking diver, though I'm a poor judge for waterbird ids. -(I've done some research on Siberian Goshawks since I first read about a possible one in your comments. I hope you're still looking for it whether Gyr Falcon or Goshawk?)

  3. >Russell Jenkins
    A true Gyrfalcon stay in Nemuro now.
    I will go there the week after next.


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