13 April 2016

Falcated Duck and Crossbill

2 interesting species in the local park today...............

There was a small flock of about 15 Crossbill.  I haven't seen many of these this winter/spring. As you can see above they came down for a  (very) quick drink but most of the time they were high up in the trees.

Hopefully the flock will stick around a while longer.

In the same park there was a drake Falcated Duck. It was very wary. It actually fed on the grass for a while with some of the resident Spotbills but it was impossible to approach and kept flying off. A very dark day, not ideal for BIFs especially with my knackered old 100-400 lens.

Same poses, different backgrounds................


  1. 15 Crossbills would be nice anywhere. That Falcated Duck would cause a stir over here - smart looking quacker.

    1. Thanks Phil, both are very nice birds to have so close to my apartment...........

  2. I would love to have seen the Falcated Duck.

    1. Definitely one of the east Eurasian exotics.............

      I*ve never seen Baikal Teal, that looks even better I think.


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