11 April 2016

European Starling

A new bird for my Japan list..............

A species that I wouldn't have looked twice at whilst growing up in the UK (I know they are not as common these days).............the Common Starling is however a scarce visitor to Japan and this individual was with a group of the common resident Grey Starlings.

It would have been nicer if it had been in full glossy summer colours but I can't complain, in fact I've never been happier to see one. It was a bit shy, can't be one of the group that visits my parents' garden in England then.

And here's another bird that is common in the UK but local/scarce here. A crappy picture, why are crows so hard for me to photograph? Always out of focus.

A Rook.............one of many today.

This is a winter visitor to Japan and appears to be increasing. There was a large flock of them near Kikonai.

I can't remember Rooks being so wary in the UK, these flew off as soon as the car stopped before even the window was open.


  1. Congratulations on th e starling. I seem to remember Rooks as being wary - a long history of persecution by farmers I suppose.

  2. Euro Starling is rare here, too, and always in dull non-breeding winter plumage.
    The camera focus doesn't like black at all, does it?

    1. Hi John, I think the (or my) 7DM2 has a problem in AI Servo but yes solid colours seem to present a problem.............


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