27 December 2015

Fox and Owl

On the way back from Yakumo we stopped at Onuma just before sunset. It was dark and snowing. A pair of Black Woodpecker were around as were 2 staples, Red Fox and Ural Owl.

Here you can see the difference between landscape and portrait mode, both uncropped.

500mm is generally not the ideal focal length for Red Foxes.............

Well I was wondering where this winter's snow was. It's a raging blizzard outside with more forescast tonight and tomorrow so time for a few jobs around the house.....................


  1. The fox looks in very good condition, so I guess it's prey species must be plentyful? Unlike the tatty examples we get locally.

    1. They look much better in winter, in summer they are pretty scrawny.

  2. Beautiful images of the fox which looks in great condition. You snow sounds better than our heat! Happy New Year.

  3. I've just been showing my family in oz your fox pictues and they very impressed indeed. I tried to comment on your blog last week but google wouldn't accept it was me in another country. I really like your winter posts.


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