26 December 2015

Christmas in Yakumo

We spent the 25/26 in and around Yakumo.............

The 25th was cloudy and still mild but the snow came on the 26th.............these shots were with the 2X teleconverter.

BIfs were pretty tricky, AF just doesn't work in a blizzard. As you can see here.

When not against the sky it is a little easier but then you find it's too dark.

The day before had been better.

At the river mouth there were lots of Glaucous Gulls, always a personal fave of mine. These are all young birds

We stayed in a hot spring in the mountains in a river valley just south of Yakumo. I'd never been there in winter before and was surprised to find there were quite a few eagles there too. They weren't as easy to photograph as in Yakumo though.

Not much else around, a flock of Rook, a female Merlin plus the usual winter species. We were planning on staying longer but the blizzards sent us packing, we'll try again next week.


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