6 December 2015

A wintry day at last

Today was a cold dark grey wintry Sunday..............

The harbour at Kamiiso was full of birds but it was dark and snowing..............there were 3 species of grebe (including Little, a bird I'd never seen in this place before). About a dozen Great Crested and 15 or so Black Neckeds. The latter species swam close, the second bird musy have been sick or injured as it couldn't dive.

The roads were a bit icy and we didn't make it up to Yakumo for the eagles. The Ural Owl was in its hole at Onuma though.

Back in Hakodate we checked one place to see if there were any Brent Goose. These seemed to have declined dramatically in the last couple of years (in Hakodate anyway). There were several Harlequin Ducks though.

It was very dark and very windy and even though they came quite close I didn't get any decent shots.

Also around today were Rook, Scaup, Wigeon, flocks of Siskin and Brambling, Hawfinch and White Tailed Eagle................


  1. The little grebes are very photogenic.

  2. You get some brilliant species to look at at this time of year. The Harlequin and Ural Owl especially.

    Thanks for your concerns. There are bad floods South Lakes and power outs in Lancaster City but Fylde and Preston OK (for now).

    1. I just got the latest from my parents. When I was back in England last spring we stayed in Keswick one night, looks like we'd need a canoe to visit it now, Or a submarine.


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