6 September 2011

Typhoon hits Hakodate, sort of

Well the weather has been lousy for a while, very hot and humid followed by very windy and rainy (but still hot) as the fizzling out typhoon hit Hakodate. It was a big one further south a couple of days previously, 20 dead and 55 missing I saw on the news..........

Not much birding except on Sunday when we went out to Kikonai.

This Little Ringed Plover was at Kamiiso.

Also here was a flock of 15 or so Red Necked Stint but not much else. At Kikonai there were more Red Necked Stint as well as 2 Lesser Sandplover and 2 Sanderling. It was very windy (but still hot and even sunny, no rain yet), impossible to hold the camera steady by this point.

Here are some Red Necked Stint running into the wind.

Ospreys were everywhere, this one was diving pretty close but was facing away from me when it emerged with a fish.

I got up in the small hours to watch the second half of the Bulgaria v England game, bit silly as all the action was in the first 45 minutes, hopefully I'll get up early tomorrow to find them 3-0 up against Wales and I can stay in bed.

My next day off isn't until Friday, hope the weather is better then and there are some new waders on the beach, only 10-14 days more of the wader season left and I don't have so many free days to find 'em.

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  1. Love the osprey shots. We see a few osprey around here, too, but not very often even though they next here. It is always a thrill to see them - especially to see them fish successfully. Great stuff!

    If it rains, it ought to at least cool down. ;-) Glad that was the extent of the typhoon for you.


  2. America's Irene just landed here - dumped a lot of rain and a bit breezy but all rather normal for the first weekend of Blackpool Lights! Dunno if any decent birds have been dropped apart from the Marbled Duck at Freck - fence jumper from MMWWT or a fence jumper from Atlanta Georgia? Dipped the Stanley Park Black Tern yesterday :(

    Come on England!!!!



  3. Like the Osprey's tail in that diving picture. Russell

  4. Well hope that thes tornado-like weather is not gonna hit you... I think you got enough problems for the year!! I hope you'll find time to get waders around you soon, especially if you only days left for them to be found ;-)
    I love your red necked stint pictures

  5. Typhoon and we moan about a wet and windy week, but next week its the tail end of Katia for us. Love the shot of the tail up Osprey, just shows how they have all sorts of postures during such fast plunges.

  6. Great serie, again! Love the moment you captured in the last one. The plover is also pretty ;)


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