29 September 2011

A walk to the beach

I had a day off today and this morning the weather was still warm and clear, I decided to walk down the river to the beach instead of taking the train to Kamiiso to catch the last few waders. Actually I thought that there probably wouldn't be any waders around but I was surprised to find this Mongolian Plover on a stretch of beach where I have never seen any shorebirds before. What did I miss today in Kamiiso I wonder?

Not as many migrants as I'd been hoping, here's a Siberian Stonechat from today.

Not much else around the last couple of days. Arctic Warbler, Mallard, Teal, Grey Heron and Kingfisher on the river and several Black Crowned Night Heron, here's a typical view of one from yesterday.

I've been trying to change the look of this blog a little, I want to make it wider and to make the photos larger. If I do that however the pictures and text from previous posts will be too small or out of alignment. Hmmmmm.......maybe I'll just leave it as it is for now.

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  1. The Mongolian Plover is really attractive. Its eye looks so big. Really like the third pic of it.

  2. io think it was worth missing a few bits for the Mongolian Plover - super shots Stu.

  3. Wow it looks much cuter than Greater Sand Plover I found here! Love the big eyes and tiny bill

  4. Nice low angle for shots of this beauty, Stu !

  5. John-it was on an elevated concrete pier, I was down on the beach.......

  6. Well done on the Mongolian plover, it is ebautiful and you got wonderful shots of it... The Siberian stonechat is alos gorgeous! I hope I'll see them ;-)

  7. Wow i really love those 2 first shot...great point of vue ;)

  8. I had a not so different layout when I started my blog, but I went ahead and changed the layout to a one in which I could display (show off) my photos like you wanted to do. It all worked fine. Before you do, go to the dashboard and select the HTML text in the blog and copy it to Notepad, so that you have reinstate the previous one, if you mess things up.

  9. Hi Gallcissa, I think your photos are hosted on an external site (flickr) whereas mine are usually on blogger's own server (Picasa). When I post photos they are uploaded to Picasa and then I have to choose the size to display on my actual blog page. If I make the template wider I'd have to go back and edit all my posts and change EVERY SINGLE PHOTO's size (from large to extra large).

    Actually even when I host a photo on smugmug I still have to choose a size which fits into the dimensions of this template. Again i'd have to go back and edit the html code for every single post..........and i've posted over 500 times.

    Maybe there's a way round it?

  10. I honestly do not see the issue(s) you have pointed out to be an impediment. If I were you, I'd still test it before giving up.

    First, as informed earlier, go to your blogger "Dashboard" to select "Design" and after that "Edit HTML." After that, copy that HTML code you see in the box to "Notepad" (or any HTML friendly software) and save it for later retrieval.

    With that done, you could play with the designs that blogger has on offer. If you mess it up accidentally, you could always revert back to the original template with no contents lost.

    Half the images of my old posts are not linked to Flickr. I haven't bothered to link them afresh. In the blogger templates, I am sure there would be a design template that would do justice to your images, given that size.

    I am 100% confident that you should have a smooth change over! You just need to trust yourself and be fearless.

  11. MY images are hosted both at Flickr and blogger, and I only link to the former, after uploading them to blogger, so that upon clicking they open up in Flickr instead of blogger. Anyway, I honestly do not see what you cannot make the changes you like. Just back up HTML inside "Design" so that you can revert back to original if you mess things up. Images would/could adjust to your display size you require at the final outcome from all the new postings you do. Just take a plunge!

  12. The images DON'T adjust to the size, only the newer ones will, this means the last 5 years (almost) postings will look daft, with small photos looking lost in a big new wide blog.

  13. On ya!
    You owe me a fruit juice!

    If I were you I'd play with several templates (including two column ones) before picking a final one.


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