16 September 2011

September.........the second half begins

A Bar Tailed Godwit on the beach at Kamiiso today.

We enter the second half of September today and my god the first half was dire, rain almost every day and not much chance to go outside let alone take bird photos.

Today was pretty good though, hot and humid, a little dark but mercifully dry.

There were 5 Godwits together on the beach at Kunnebtsu. 2 Blackwits and 3 Barwits.

The former are common autumn migrants but the latter seem much scarcer, this was the only the second time I'd seen them in the Hakodate area.

Also on the same stretch of beach were 2 Red Necked Stint and 2 Mongolian Plover.

Further along the coast were large numbers of Red Necked Stints (over 100).

Not much mixed in with the Stints, just one Dunlin and another Bar Tailed Godwit.

Not much else around. 1 Great Egret, a few Black Headed Gulls, 10 or so Goosander.

Nearer my apartment there were a few Asian Brown Flycatcher and other unidentifiable small birds flitting about, flocks of Red Cheeked Starlings getting ready to fly south to the tropics for winter and a couple of Night Herons, 1 adult and 1 immature. The latter was easier to photograph.

I'll be in Tomakomai this weekend so I'll probably miss the big footy games on Sunday night (but I'll take a knackered old laptop and try and watch them online). If the weather is good i'll be on another pelagic trip, hopefully to see some Skuas and other stuff.

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  1. I know you use a long lens but those godwits are far and away closer than either of the species allow here. Great detailed pics and I'm glad the weather picked up for you - it did here too - for a day. Lancy did well didn't they? All Lancashire lads apart from the captain who we adopted from them on t'other side.

  2. Hi Phil, yes I saw Lancashire won the Count Championship, first time in my life..................the only Lancs game I ever saw was a Roses game at OT, must have been late 80's. Lancs needed a victory to challenge for the title but Yorkshire's last wicket partnership held out, despite Wasim Akram bowling unbelievably fast.

  3. September - a "month of two halves" ?
    Sounds like something Bill Shankly might have said..
    With any luck, some of your waders will show up here in HK


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