31 August 2011

A lazy end to the month

After spending 4 of the last 5 days trudging along beaches in the summer heat I took it easy today, just a short walk near my apartment. There were flocks of Red Cheeked Starlings everywhere but not much else. A briefly glimpsed Kingfisher, a few Grey Wagtails............

Yesterday I was on the beach at Kamiiso. Waders included 3 Terek Sandpiper, 1 Great Knot, 3 Mongolian Plover, and 70 or more Red Necked Stint. Here's a photo of the latter.

The Long Toed Stint was still present and I tried taking more action shots of it feeding.

It was eating lots of little insects on the sand (rather than the worms in the mud favoured by the Red Necked Stints).

I imagine this was the last time I'll be able to see it. I have days off on Friday/Sunday but it looks like Hakodate will receive the last dregs of a typhoon (meaning rain) so I don't know if I'll be doing any birding for a few days and next week I don't have much free time either.

By the time I get to Kamiiso again it'll be the end of next week when the waders will have changed.

It was great to have such a tame one, every wader season throws up such individuals from many different species.........and this August it was Long Toed Stint season.

I'm quite enjoying the start of the footy season, hopefully England won't spoil it too much this weekend. I'm sure they'll qualify (albeit unconvincingly) but don't hold out much hope for the finals. Mind you there do seem to be a few young players emerging, maybe the future isn't all doom and gloom.

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  1. Love those photos of the long toed stint. He's a real beauty.

  2. It's been a while since i stopped here ands i missed it! This is a great serie, and a specially love the 1st Long Toed Stint image ;)

  3. Wow to that Long-toed Stint, which I am yet to find in S.L. I am determined to find one. Hope you are enjoying the footie season. Congrats on your whitewash of the Indians!


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