6 March 2018

Snow Buntings in the sand dunes...........

There was a flock of 25 Snow Buntings on the nearby coast this week..............

It is quite a wide area and the flock was constantly moving so it was hard work walking through the snow covered dunes.

It was difficult to approach them and the area was too big to hang around hoping they would come near.

They were also on volcanic ash mixed with melting snow most of the time and it was difficult to get close to them on actual white snow.

I did get a few BIF shots.

These enigmatic little birds are quite scarce winter visitors in Japan although I've seen them in several places now (and this was the 3rd time in this particular location).

A couple of years ago there was a lone bird which was extremely tame but when in a flock they are much more skittish. Most of these shots are fairly big crops.


  1. It’s a wonderful little bird, well worth whatever effort it took to get the photographs.

  2. Brilliant birds, glad you got some on the snow - and BIFs too !

    1. We had no problem with finding enough snow this year.........


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