17 May 2016

Some Peregrines............

We were out west yesterday................

A pair of Peregrines appear to be nesting on a cliff face next to the sea. I saw one bring food in and start plucking it but the view was not clear. I did get quite a few BIF shots though..........

It was struggling a bit in the strong winds.............but it was easier to focus at 700mm.

This is without the T/C.

Also around were lots of singing Blue Rock Thrush as well as flocks of Pacific Diver and Rhinoceros Auklet offshore (too far out for any photos, a shame as the Divers were in summer plumage).

Bird of the day was a subadult White Tailed Eagle at Kikonai. I'd just arrived and saw it fly off carrying a dead Slaty Backed Gull. By the time I had got my camera out the chance had gone. Like fishermen, bird photographers have lots of 'the one that got away' hard luck stories........


  1. Spectacular flight shots. I get so used to seeing urban peregrines, it is so wonderful to see them in their natural habitat like this.

    1. They occur in the towns here too but these were on the coast...........

  2. Great to see the peregrines "up close and personal..."

  3. My favourite raptor, was I with you when we scared one up off a widgeon or teal on Longton marsh with the prey species headless?


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