2 May 2016

Some April waders.........

Only a few passage waders around, so here is a summer visitor and a winter visitor from Sunday.............

Little Ringed Plovers are summer visitors and common breeders in Hokkaido. A pair were feeding very close to our car................

This was a small wasteground from some seafood processing and there were lots of insects and other disgysting stuff for them to feed on.

There were several other species feeding on the insect buffet, I'll post more on those later but you can see them in the background here.

The wintering flock of Dunlin futher up the coast is now in summer colours..............they will be leaving for Siberia very soon.

Greenshank and Wood Sandpiper were also around as well as my first Lathams Snipe of the summer.


  1. Great shorebird coverage. Little Ringed Plover is a truly attractive bird.

  2. Some super pictures, Stu. You have been busy.

    1. Hi Russell, I've taken loads of photos the last few days and I'm dreading sorting through them all.

  3. Great shots of the Little Ringed Plover but what are the 2out of focus birds in the image 4 from the bottom?

  4. G'day, Stuart! I've been somewhat remiss in checking out your birding efforts. Your terrific results certainly bear witness to your devotion to the subject - or do the birds just come up and ask for their photo to be taken? Just kidding! Anyway, congratulations on your wonderful work; long may it continue!

    You may be interested in having a quick gander at my blog, which I roughly modelled on yours, though mine isn't a dot com. I'm not quite as devoted as you, so you will find other subjects, besides birds, but you may get a big laugh from one shot:

    Here's that blog page: http://ifihadanysense.blogspot.com.au/p/birds-birds-birds_18.html
    and here's the home page:

    Keep up the great work!
    Brian @ Grenfell, N.S.W., Australia


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