29 May 2016

Crap pictures but interesting birds.............

The warm weather in the last week brought a couple of interesting birds with it...............

This Striated Heron was west of town and I watched it for about half an hour as it caught lots of tiddlers in the shallows. I tried both teleconverters but the pics from the 2X were lousy and those from the 1.4X (ie all of them in this post) were only slightly better.

It is a pretty small heron but look at that extending neck...............

I was a bit disappointed with the shots but this is not a bird I see very often up here in Hokkaido (this was only my 4th in the last 10 years) so at least I got something.

Here's a short video I made of it (with the 2X on).

Whilst we were inland in the mountains I noticed a strange bird perched on the wires beside the road. It flew off into the forest but not before I fired off a record shot.

A bit of a local rarity this one.  A Dollarbird (or Broad Billed Roller), presumably wafted up to Hokkaido by the recent warm southerly winds, a lifer and the 4th addition to my Japanese list in 2016.

Not much else around. a summer plumage Great Crested Grebe at Kikonai, the usual summer stuff including lots of Ospreys everywhere..........


  1. Congratulations on the "lifer" Stu that's always a thrill. Don't be too critical of the pic's you can't win em all.

  2. Wow! A Dollarbird reminds me of home. Never thought of one being in Hokkaido. Great find. Your heron shots are pretty good.

    1. It is pretty weird to see it up here..........

  3. Despite your photographic tribulations a pretty good post if you ask me.

  4. Hello Stuart!:) Ha ha!! You are so hard on yourself! These are fabulous pictures and I enjoyed every one of them. Congrats on the lifer bird.

  5. Congrats on the lifer and local rarity, Dollarbird - one or two stragglers still down here this week.

  6. I was surprised to see you get Striated Heron. I saw them in Egypt, a good few miles away.


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