27 January 2013

Sunday eagles and grebes

Some birds from my day out today...............

I went up to Yakumo in the morning (thanks Tomohiro) and there were still good numbers of eagles but most of them have moved downstream.............we discovered this after searching in vain upstream and then not having enough time to do them justice later.

Only distant views of Stellers today.............

This male White Tailed was right next to the road.

The main action was on the bridges near the coast, hopefully I can get back there next weekend.

Not much else around, a pair of Long Billed Plovers being the most interesting.

In the afternoon I was in Kamiiso, there were 3 species of grebe in the harbour again. Half a dozen each of Black Necked and Great Crested (above) and the lone Slavonian from a few days ago was still around.

I wish it popped up close by in good light like the Black Neckeds do.

I tried to get both species together but fialed, apart from this lame effort.

 My wife says they all look the same anyway.

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  1. Grebes are great. No tail, devil eyes, and crazy lobed toes. What's not to like?

    1. I agree.........my fave water birds especially the Black Neckeds.

  2. I'd be happy if I could have those two grebes in the same county never mind camera frame!



    1. Hi Dave, I saw Red Necked Grebe on Rivington over 25 years ago...............my only grebe in the NW (except for Little/Great Crested of course).

  3. Eagles in the snow, and great grebes...well worth an outing in the cold !


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