14 January 2013

Scoters and Dunlins

A Dunlin and Black Scoter at Oshamanbe today.

A bit of an weird day today birdwise. Again there were plenty of eagles at Yakumo but almost no photo chances..................they were all very actively feeding and squabbling on inaccessible stretches of the river. This immature White Tailed Eagle was the best shot I could muster.....................

I walked around a lot, flushing Crested Kingfisher, Bullfinch and lots of tits and nuthatches but nothing posing for the camera. We then headed up to Oshamanbe to see if there was anything interesting in the harbour there. I was hoping for Long Tailed Duck but they weren't anywhere to be seen. There were lots of Black Scoter however.

And in one corner of the port was a group of 5 Dunlin. Strange to think this species is probably scarcer than Stellers Sea Eagle in Hokkaido in winter..................

On getting back to the flat we received some sad news. One of the people I teach died of a heart attack yesterday. She had been coming for over 10 years and I had taught her before in my old job too. She was very kind to me and my wife and also to my parents when they visited. We'll miss you Keiko.

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  1. Stunning eagle portrait and a nice collection of the dunlin and scoter. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your student.

    1. Thanks for the comment Russell, I just got back from the funeral. All very sad..............

  2. I will still sign to get your nice scoter pictures and this immature eagle, two species i cannot see over here and I'm dreaming of getting one day.... Splendid Stu!

    1. Hi Chris. I thought you got WT Eagles in Iceland?

      Anyway you are just jealous of my tame Dunlins I know it.......

  3. Very nice serie Stu, the Scoter shot's are awseome!

  4. Lovely Scoter shots ! We never get Dunlin very close here.

    Sorry to hear about the sudden death of your student. That kind of thing puts birding into perspective.


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