25 January 2013

On this day (January 25th).............

Lapland Bunting

January 25th 2011.

2 Lapland Bunting on the beach at Nanaehama 2 years ago today, they spent several weeks there in fact. These are an occasional visitor to the local beaches in winter, I've also seen them at Yakumo and up at Mukawa too.

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  1. Great setting and lighting - I like the composition with the other bird in the background.
    Not seen one for 3 or 4 years. They are getting scarcer here as they used to be nailed on along the coast in winter.
    Once saw a near summer plumaged male at Bempton in the spring - it was a stunning bird.

    1. I only ever saw one in the UK.............on Walney 30 years ago!


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